History of Mr Bagels

2019 - On 6th August 2019, the business of Mr Bagels was acquired by Grupo Bimbo UK Limited. Full press release here

2016 - The bakery moved to a dedicated facility of 60,000 sq. ft. in Welwyn Garden City

2009 - Additional flavours were introduced (such as cheese and jalapeño) along with a very popular mini-bagel range

2008 - The "Natural Bagel Co." product range was launched for more discerning customers

2007 - First foray into the European market with export sales

2006 - MAP (modified atmospheric packaging) was introduced for long shelf-life products

2004 - With new contracts acquired in the retail and food service sectors, a further £600k was invested to create a fully-automated plant with new machinery

2003 - The next major milestone in production was achieved through £3Mn of investment into a state-of-the-art facility covering 45000 sqft, resulting in quadrupled production

2001 - Various flavours including plain, onion, poppy, and cinnamon & raisin were launched across retail supermarket chains

2000 - Tesco launched their ISB (in-store bakery range) with In-Store-Dough

1996 - Mr Bagels Ltd. was officially incorporated as Paul Kahalani expanded production to cater to multiple retail and wholesale sellers

1992 - With rising demand for their bagels, a dedicated factory was acquired in Stratford

1988 - The journey of Mr Bagels began in North London, where brothers Avi and Paul Kahalani started baking their own bagels